Vegan Vegetable Fritters

  Fritters are a great way to make kids eat their vegetables. Because when you eat these you almost forget that you’re eating veggies at all. We usually eat them as a side dish but they work great as appetizers as well. Fritters are a great dish for using up any left-over vegetables. They’re quick and… Continue reading Vegan Vegetable Fritters

Chilled Cucumber Soup

  This chilled cucumber soup is perfect for hot summer days. It has a very clean taste and is a light start to any summer barbecue. You can also use it as a refreshing side dish. Best of all, it doesn’t require any cooking!


  Ever since avocados became a healthy thing to eat, guacamole has been more popular then ever. This recipe makes a tasty dipping sauce that’s actually good for your health. Best of all, it’s super easy and quick to make.