Carrot and Chili Pickle

This carrot and chili pickle looks a little bit like molten lava. And admittedly, it also tastes like it. If you like spicy condiments however, you should definitely give this recipe a try.

Pickled Ginger

  I don’t use ginger that often, so I found myself throwing away half-used ginger roots far too often. Turning this ginger into pickled ginger and storing it in the fridge has proved to be way more effective. You can simply use pickled ginger instead of fresh ginger. But it can also be a tasty accompaniment… Continue reading Pickled Ginger

Amaretto Sour Poached Pears

  These poached pears have the sweet yet spicy taste of an amaretto sour cocktail. You can eat them cold, as a sweet dessert. But they’re even better warm, as part of a savoury dish. They go especially well with red meats or game.