Lacto-Fermented Chilli Sauce

Making your own lacto-fermented chili sauce really isn’t difficult! Just follow the recipe carefully and use some common sense.

Carrot and Chili Pickle

This carrot and chili pickle looks a little bit like molten lava. And admittedly, it also tastes like it. If you like spicy condiments however, you should definitely give this recipe a try.

Pickled Ginger

  I don’t use ginger that often, so I found myself throwing away half-used ginger roots far too often. Turning this ginger into pickled ginger and storing it in the fridge has proved to be way more effective. You can simply use pickled ginger instead of fresh ginger. But it can also be a tasty accompaniment… Continue reading Pickled Ginger

Sweet Mandarin Jam

  Mandarin oranges are frequently made into bitter marmalade. This recipe is not like that though. This is a jam, a lovely and sweet jam. As a bonus, it also has a cheerful orange color. The perfect color for the Halloween season.

Quick Pickled Fennel

  This pickled fennel is tasty and super easy to make. It’s crisp, crunchy and perfect for giving a fresh anise touch to any of your dishes. It works great with fish, as a side dish or to garnish a sandwich.

Preserved Lemons. Tasty and fermented.

  Preserved lemons are a popular ingredient in North-African cooking. Their use isn’t limited to just tagines though. You can use them in dressings, sauces, pastas, salads or any other dish that needs a bit of citrus. They’re also surprisingly easy to make.

Homemade sauerkraut

  If you’re curious about making your own fermented vegetables, making sauerkraut is a great place to start. It’s easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. You do however need some brawn and a couple of anger issues.

How to make pasta dough

  Of course dried pasta is a great larder staple but if you have the time, you should really consider making your own fresh pasta. It’s delicious, chewy and quite different from the dried version.

Make your own beetroot powder.

  Beetroot has been gaining popularity as a health food. However that doesn’t mean its taste has suddenly become popular as well. This has lead to the creation of beetroot powder, so you can have the health benefits without the taste. But you can use it for other things as well.