Homemade sauerkraut

  If you’re curious aboutĀ making your own fermented vegetables, making sauerkraut is a great place to start. It’s easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. YouĀ do however need some brawn and a couple of anger issues.


  Ever since avocadosĀ becameĀ a healthy thing to eat, guacamoleĀ has beenĀ more popular then ever. This recipe makes a tasty dipping sauce that’s actually good for your health. Best of all, it’s super easy and quick to make.

Pumpkin seed pesto

  This pesto is made with pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts. It has just as muchĀ flavorĀ as traditional pestoĀ and is especially tasty when tossed through some hotĀ pasta.

Quick and easy pickled red onions.

  Pickled red onions are quick and super easy to make. Watch our video tutorial to find out just how simple it is. Pickled onionsĀ add a lovely tangy flavor to just about every dishĀ and with their bright and vivid shade of pink, they look great as well.

Toum. Lebanese garlic sauce.

  The new year is here and with that the holiday season has come to an end. Lists with 20 ways of detoxing are popping up everywhere, accompanied with pictures of sickly green smoothies. Luckily we don’t make detox smoothies in our tiny Dutch kitchen. We simply continue making tasty food. However, after all those… Continue reading Toum. Lebanese garlic sauce.

Sweet chilli sauce

  I’m not very fond of the store-bought version of sweet chilli sauces. Sauces like that tendĀ to be full of preservatives and thickening agents. Worst of all though, they don’t even taste that nice: sweet to the point of being cloying and not at all spicy.Ā Surely, any home-made version couldn’t beĀ worse?