Chai spiced poached pears

  The first time I heard of chai tea, I was a bit confused: as far as I knew the word chai meant tea. So what could this tea-tea stuff possibly be? And why were people putting it in absolutely everything?

How to cook fresh chestnuts

  There’s nothing like going on an autumn stroll. Wading through the fallen leaves and collecting chestnuts. Though our daughter simply collects them as decoration (or to put then on the nearest available surface and forget about them), they are actually very tasty. Of course you can buy them boiled and peeled in a can… Continue reading How to cook fresh chestnuts

Jam tarts. Sweet and simple.

  Jam tarts can be very easy to make. Especially when you use pre-made pastry and store bought jam. But why make them the easy way, when you can also make them the hard way? So of course I had to make things difficult for myself.

Cooking chickpeas from scratch.

  Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are a legume traditionally used in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian cooking. But these days they’re popular in many more places around the globe and for good reason. Chickpeas contain loads of minerals, vitamins and fibres. They’re also a good source of protein, which is why they’re very popular with vegetarians… Continue reading Cooking chickpeas from scratch.

Easy to make Rhubarb Cake

  The days are getting shorter and it starts to feel a bit chilly outside. So what better way to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon, than to cuddle up indoors with a good cup of tea and a slice of freshly baked cake. Nothing says autumn more to me than a still warm rhubarb cake.… Continue reading Easy to make Rhubarb Cake