Sweet Mandarin Jam

  Mandarin oranges are frequently made into bitter marmalade. This recipe is not like that though. This is a jam, a lovely and sweet jam. As a bonus, it also has a cheerful orange color. The perfect color for the Halloween season.

Sweet chilli sauce

  I’m not very fond of the store-bought version of sweet chilli sauces. Sauces like that tend to be full of preservatives and thickening agents. Worst of all though, they don’t even taste that nice: sweet to the point of being cloying and not at all spicy. Surely, any home-made version couldn’t be worse?

Ginger and rhubarb jam.

  Everyone who has a vegetable garden will know that it’s both a curse and a blessing. It’s absolutely amazing to be able to eat something you’ve grown yourself. Only, once your harvest starts coming in, it usually comes all at the same time. And no matter how lovely that produce is, there is only… Continue reading Ginger and rhubarb jam.