Vegan Vegetable Fritters

  Fritters are a great way to make kids eat their vegetables. Because when you eat these you almost forget that you’re eating veggies at all. We usually eat them as a side dish but they work great as appetizers as well. Fritters are a great dish for using up any left-over vegetables. They’re quick and… Continue reading Vegan Vegetable Fritters

Chicory with ham and cheese

  Chicory wrapped in ham and covered in cheesesauce, is a classic Belgian recipe. It’s not necessarily a healthy recipe, but as a comfort food it’s perfect.

Jerusalem Artichoke Purée

  If you’ve never eaten Jerusalem artichokes before, this purĂ©e will be a perfect introduction. It’s an easy-to-make side dish, that goes great with many things. It goes especially well with smokey flavors.

Potato Soufflé with Spinach and Roquefort

  This potato soufflĂ© with spinach and roquefort cheese, is light and fluffy in texture but rich in taste. It’s a luxurious side dish, fit for any dinner party. A great recipe for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Beetroot and Tomato Soup

  This deep red beetroot and tomato soup is hearty and healthy. It’s the perfect dish for a dreary and rainy day. The sweet, earthy beetroot balances perfectly with the sourness of the tomatoes. It tastes even better with a dollop of crème fraĂ®che.

Vegan BBQ Burger

    The barbecue season is almost over, but not quite! If you’re looking for a vegan option to put on your grill, you’re in the right place. These vegan burgers are full of smoky flavour and sturdy enough to be grilled.

Chilled Cucumber Soup

  This chilled cucumber soup is perfect for hot summer days. It has a very clean taste and is a light start to any summer barbecue. You can also use it as a refreshing side dish. Best of all, it doesn’t require any cooking!