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Fruit Archives - Tiny Dutch Kitchen

Amaretto Sour Poached Pears

  These poached pears have the sweet yet spicy taste of an amaretto sour cocktail. You can eat them cold, as a sweet dessert. But they’re even better warm, as part of a savoury dish. They go especially well with red meats or game.

Easy Homemade Applesauce

  Why buy a jar of sugary applesauce, when you can easily make your own? This applesauce is delicious and simple to make. Because it has no added sugar, it’s actually healthy as well.

Watermelon And Mozzarella Salad

    This salad combines the sweet taste of watermelon, with the savoury taste of mozzarella. It’ll work great as a starter or as a refreshing side dish. It’s perfect for any outdoor dinner or barbecue.

Apple crumble dessert with sour cream

  This dessert is a cross between a trifle and an apple crumble. The crumble and honey add sweetness, while the sour cream and apples add a bit of freshness.

Chai spiced poached pears

  The first time I heard of chai tea, I was a bit confused: as far as I knew the word chai meant tea. So what could this tea-tea stuff possibly be? And why were people putting it in absolutely everything?