Sweet and Sticky Mongolian beef

  Beef in a crispy coating with a sweet and sticky sauce, with a good amount of ginger to give it a nice bit of heat. The most common name for this dish is Mongolian beef. Even though the Mongols had nothing to do with it.

Beef Goulash

  In winter, I love making stews. They’re hearty and warming and require very little work. Sure they need a long time to cook, but I have my hands free to do other stuff while it does that. This stew is my version of goulash. It has lots of red bell pepper and spicy paprika.… Continue reading Beef Goulash

Ossobuco. Braised Veal Shanks.

  Osso bucco is an Italian dish of slow-braised veal. In this recipe, it comes with a hearty tomato sauce with lots of herbs. Served with pasta, it’s a great dish for the winter season.

Mince Wellington with Cranberries

  This mince Wellington with cranberries and feta cheese, is just as tasty as a traditional beef Wellington. It’s a lot more economical though! It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare, as the oven will do most of the work.

Steak with Gorgonzola sauce

  When you feel like feeding your inner carnivore, there’s nothing quite like a butter-bastedĀ pan-seared steak. Paired with an easy to make Gorgonzola sauce, it canĀ also be a perfect dish forĀ Steak and BJ day.

Lasagne with celeriac and carrots.

    Lasagne comes in many different variations. Our version has a bĆ©chamel cheese sauce and a tomato sauce with mixed minced meat, carrots and celeriac. Perhaps not traditional but very tasty.