Steamed Lemon and Thyme Cake

This steamed lemon and thyme cake, is sweet with a hint of sour lemon. It’s also pretty much impossible to overcook. How good is that?

Lacto-Fermented Chilli Sauce

Making your own lacto-fermented chili sauce really isn’t difficult! Just follow the recipe carefully and use some common sense.

Beetroot and Goat Cheese Pasta

This beetroot and goat cheese pasta is creamy, pink and easy to make. Earthy beetroots combine with soft goat cheese and the salty lardons.

Carrot and Chili Pickle

This carrot and chili pickle looks a little bit like molten lava. And admittedly, it also tastes like it. If you like spicy condiments however, you should definitely give this recipe a try.

Homemade Harissa

  Harissa is a very versatile sauce, made from chili peppers and spices. It’s a spicy condiment, as well as a tasty ingredient in soups, stews or marinades. Commercially made sauces often contain a lot of additives. With this sauce, you’ll know exactly what’s in it: six ingredients and couple of minutes of work. That’s… Continue reading Homemade Harissa

Pickled Ginger

  I don’t use ginger that often, so I found myself throwing away half-used ginger roots far too often. Turning this ginger into pickled ginger and storing it in the fridge has proved to be way more effective. You can simply use pickled ginger instead of fresh ginger. But it can also be a tasty accompaniment… Continue reading Pickled Ginger

Vegan Vegetable Fritters

  Fritters are a great way to make kids eat their vegetables. Because when you eat these you almost forget that you’re eating veggies at all. We usually eat them as a side dish but they work great as appetizers as well. Fritters are a great dish for using up any left-over vegetables. They’re quick and… Continue reading Vegan Vegetable Fritters

How to Make: Panko Breadcrumbs

  Panko is a Japanese type of breadcrumbs. It’s crispier and crunchier than regular breadcrumbs and works especially well  as coating for fried foods. You can also very easily make it at home!